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By Parascopeman GF Pricing Call Settlement: Key Facts Am I eligible? – You must have made a purchase at certain Gap stores What else? Purchases must have been between May 24th, 2010 and May... – Claim Credit Monitoring 0 – Claim Credit Monitoring

By Parascopeman How to Claim Your Equifax Breach Settlement Claiming the settlement online is the easiest way to go The settlement is also accepting claim forms by mail You can contact the administrator with...

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By Parascopeman Renew Golf Magazine Subscription Online You’ll need to login to start the renewal process The systems provides 3 different login options Frequently Asked Questions are available Customer service can also help with... – Begin Your School Survey 0 – Begin Your School Survey

By Parascopeman How do I take my school survey? Start by selecting the state which you attend school in You’ll need select your school from the drop down list A password must be entered... – Submit Your Claim Online 0 – Submit Your Claim Online

By Parascopeman The PTZ TCPA Settlement How much money can I get? Depends on the amount of eligible claims made How much is the settlement? A whopping $5,500,000 When should I file my claim?... – File Claim by August 29th 0 – File Claim by August 29th

By Parascopeman The Bluestem Text Settlement Is Now Accepting Claims Am I eligible? – If you received a notice you’ve already been identified as included What do I get? – It depends on how...