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By Parascopeman

AAP Benefits

  • Easy online login credential recovery is provided
  • New users can register for an online account
  • Advanced Auto Parts contact info is available

Not being able to gain access to an online account due to a lost or forgotten username or password is never a good feeling. This especially holds true for something as important as a work-related benefits account. Thankfully, those who rely on the AAP Benefits portal won’t have to worry about what to do next in the event this unpleasant situation arises. The first action that must be taken to render the situation (other than taking a deep and calming breath) is a click on the Forgot your password or username? link. After clicking the link it will be necessary to enter a Social Security Number and date of birth before clicking the Continue button to proceed with the simple account recovery process. Users who suddenly recall the needed username and/or password can click the Cancel button to back out of the recovery process and return to the AAP Benefits portal login screen.

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