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By Parascopeman

Kemper People Online Portal

  • Username and password are needed to sign in
  • Available to be used in a variety of languages
  • Ultimate Software contact information is available

An important aspect (that all too often goes overlooked) concerning the quality of the user experience received at an online portal is they type of browser being used. Therefore, it can be quite imperative for users to make sure they are using an updated and compatible browser BEFORE logging in. Those who require access to the Kemper People portal can do this by clicking the available link posted at the bottom of the page (Internet Explorer 11.0, FireFox 54.0, and Chrome 61.0) to be directed to the manufacturer’s website where the desired browser can be downloaded. Once the browser is installed, access to the portal can be gained by entering a username and password before clicking the Login button (this can technically be done before installing the browser but the experience may be a bit clunky if not using the right one).

Ultimate Software in the Lime Light

  • #3 on Fortune’s 2018 Best Company to Work For list (that deserves a standing-ovation!)
  • Won Outstanding Large Corporation of the Year (Association of Fundraising Professionals)
  • Is the …read more

    Read more here:: Paralegal Occupation

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