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By adminaff212

My PLG Savings

  • A code is needed to begin the loan process
  • Expedited approval is available by phone
  • Contact information for PLG is available

Sending a personal code that can be used to take advantage of an offer is a great way for businesses to get a potential customer’s immediate attention. That having been said, the attention of many who could use a little extra cash is likely to be honed in on the My PLG Savings page. Those who have received a code from Personal Lending Group can begin by entering it into the blank field provided in the middle of the page before clicking the Get Started button. After clicking the button basic information about the borrower can be entered into the My PLG Saving page to receive a rate at which the funds can be borrowed (don’t panic as receiving the rate WILL NOT have any impact on credit scores – PHEW!). Those who receive a rate that they are comfortable with can then choose from one of the available plans before finalizing the process of securing the funds.

Sounds easy…but who or what is Personal Lending Group??

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