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My XR Card

  • Login can be completed for online account access
  • A list of Frequently Asked Questions is provided
  • Card activation is available online or by phone

Something as important as a card that holds the funds received from a tax return is deserving of easy online access. Fortunately, Xpress Refund customers will receive exactly that through the comprehensive card management system found at the My XR Card page. Upon arrival at the page cardholders will see three available actions: XR Card activation, XR Card account management, and tax refund status. Those who still need to activate the card can begin the process of doing so by clicking the Activate Your XR Card button. Cardholders who require access to an online account can login by clicking the Your XR Card Account button and entering a User ID or card number along with a password or PIN. The status of a refund can be checked by clicking the Your Tax Refund button to be provided with information on how to reach out to the IRS. It should be pointed out that the Back to the Top button can be clicked at anytime to return to the top of …read more

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