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www.qdoba.com - Qdoba Restaurant Menu & Prices

Qdoba Restaurant Overview:

Qdoba Mexican restaurant makes sure that when you taste their food, your all senses get activated. This a chain of fast food casual restaurants in the United States and Canada that are serving Mexican cuisine for ages. Qdoba Menu consists of offering a perfect Mexican cuisine that you have never ever encountered in your life.

Their bold and distinctive restaurant décor inspires them every day to create flavour mashups. That will inspire you and give you the fuel when you need to be at their best. You can eat on their sunny patios and relax at their full-service bars at participating restaurants, or just kick back inside and enjoy complimentary WiFi.  While you demolish some delicious Mexican Eats that will leave you craving more.

You can bring your friends, your family, just come on in and hang out for a while. You can find a local Qdoba in 48 states and Canada as well as at universities, airports and malls.

Qdoba serves you a lot of flavour and tradition taste original Mexican cuisine. This restaurant promises innovation with a touch of old classics in their recipes and style that no other competitor can match.

Qdoba Menu allows you to try a different combination of flavours and stuff. You can change up the sauce or try a different meal, you are offered multiple and unlimited combinations at this restaurant. Who working at this food chain thinks that you always need something new then employees work hard to exceed your expectations.

Qdoba everything presented to you is made from fresh ingredients & quality raw products that are verified from the registered companies. This restaurant is a creative hub, if you didn’t like the recipes or combinations, you can customize things on their own or suggest anything. Keep on reading to learn more about Qdoba Menu Prices & more.

Qdoba Menu & Prices:

Guac, meats, and other veggies are freshly brought to the Qdoba kitchens every day so that the meals can be prepared to impress you. Chefs prepare tasty meals using classic recipes with a touch of innovation. Employees at this restaurant are experts in their fields, they take care of nutrition and health.

Qdoba as a caring company takes special care of the prices. Complimentary WiFi, welcoming environment and tasty meal provided at this restaurant will surely cover up the cost you are paying. They have listed down below of menu and prices, available at this food chain.

www.qdoba.com - Qdoba Restaurant Menu & Prices

Signature Flavors

Queso Burrito (Grilled Chicken or Vegetarian) $7.80
Queso Burrito (Ground Beef) $7.80
Queso Burrito (Grilled Steak or Shredded Beef) $8.40
Mexican Gumbo (Grilled Chicken or Vegetarian) $7.80
Mexican Gumbo (Ground Beef) $7.80
Smothered Burrito (Grilled Chicken or Vegetarian) $7.80
Smothered Burrito (Ground Beef) $7.80
Queso Burrito (Pork) $8.40
Mexican Gumbo (Grilled Steak or Shredded Beef) $8.40
Smothered Burrito (Grilled Steak or Shredded Beef) $8.40
Smothered Burrito (Pork) $8.40
Mexican Gumbo (Pork) $8.40

Craft 2 Menu

Choose Any Two: 3-Cheese Nachos, Naked Queso, Queso Diablo, Nachos Diablo, Mexican Gumbo, Two Tacos, Naked Burrito, Naked Taco Salad, Grilled Quesadilla, and Tortilla Soup $8.40


Vegetarian (with Guacamole) $7.80
Grilled Steak $8.40
Ground Beef $7.80
Grilled Chicken $7.80
Shredded Beef $8.40
Pork $8.40

Taco Salads

Vegetarian $7.80
Grilled Steak $8.40
Ground Beef $7.80
Grilled Chicken $7.80
Shredded Beef $8.40
Pork $8.40

Grilled Quesadilla

Cheese (Cheddar & Monterey Jack) $7.80
Grilled Steak $8.40
Ground Beef $7.80
Grilled Chicken $7.80
Shredded Beef $8.40
Pork $8.40


Three Taco Combo $7.80

3-Cheese Nacos

Vegetarian $7.80
Grilled Steak $8.40
Ground Beef $7.80
Grilled Chicken $7.80
Shredded Beef $8.40
Pork $8.40

Qdoba Kids Meal

Kids Burrito Bowl $4.00
Kids 3-Cheese Nachos $4.00
Kids Quesadilla $4.00
Kids Taco $4.00

Chips & Dips

Chips and Salsa (Small) $1.00
Chips and 3-Cheese Queso $4.00
Chips and Guacamole $3.00
Chips and Salsa (Regular) $2.00
Chips and Queso Diablo $4.00


Tortilla Soup $3.00
3-Cheese Queso $1.50
Salsa $0.70
Sour Cream $0.70
Guacamole $2.00
Queso Diablo $1.50
Cheese $0.70


Fountain Drink (Regular) $1.80
Bottled Water $1.90
Fountain Drink (Large) $2.20
Bottled Soft Drink $2.50

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Qdoba Hours & Locations:

General Hours

When you enter the nearest restaurant of this fast-food chain, you’ll be amazed by the welcoming attitude of employees working there. Only experts and passionate people are accepted by the company as they want to serve you with quality meals.

Qdoba is the best option around if you want to taste Mexican food. We know that you’ll be excited to visit this restaurant so we’ll list down general operating hours. Although most stores of this restaurant have the same hours, you can click here www.qdoba.com/locations for checking out location-specific hours.

Monday – Saturday: 10.30am – 10.00pm
Sunday: 10.30am – 9.00pm


Qdoba restaurant was founded back in 1995, it’s headquartered in San Diego, California. The locations of this restaurant are given a unique look. There are over 729 locations of this restaurant across the United States as of 2017. Company has made this place very special so you can enjoy their times of lives. This locator www.qdoba.com/locations will help you to find out the nearest Qdoba Mexican restaurant.

The Qdoba mobile app work:

  • With the Qdoba Mobile Rewards app, you can do everything you need from managing your rewards account, place mobile orders, and save a credit card for easy, in-store payment.

Placing a mobile order:

  • You can place your order on the Qdoba app.
  • Then visit the Qdoba location you selected, go to the register, pick up your food, and enjoy.

Qdoba Contact:

Call: 1-888-378-9029

350 Camino de la Reina, Suite 400,
San Diego, California, 92108


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