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Star Fine Foods Heart Healthy Sweepstakes

  • A brief quiz can be complete prior to registration
  • Grand Prize and Instant Win Prizes are available
  • Copy of the Winners List is available upon request

The novelty of a fun little quiz is a great way for a promotion to entice people to participate (as if the prizes weren’t enough!). One recent promotion that is using such a registration method is the Star Fine Foods Heart Healthy Sweepstakes. Those who wish to test their olive oil knowledge, and enter for a chance to win some pretty sweet prizes to boot, can begin by going to the sweepstakes homepage and clicking the Start Quiz & Enter link to begin a brief 7 question quiz about olive oil (actually it’s 6 questions as the last one is nothing more than pure opinion!). Once the quiz has been completed participants can register for 1 entry to the Instant Win portion of the promotion and 1 entry to the sweepstakes portion of the promotion. Those who want to review the Official Rules associated with the promotion can do so by clicking the Terms & Conditions link posted at the registration page.

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