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Titanium Paint Settlement

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Some of the most massive class action lawsuit settlements originate from allegations of antitrust law violations. A recent example of this type of settlement (albeit far less massive than some) can be found in the case known as Jan Harrison, et al. v. DuPont, et al. The suit was filed over claims that the Defendants (E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Company, Huntsman International LLC, Kronos Worldwide, Inc., and Cristal USA Inc.) went ahead and broke antitrust laws by conspiring to fix, raise, maintain, and stabilize the price of titanium dioxide used in their architectural paints. However, it should be made clear that the Defendants DENY these allegations of wrongdoing. As far as the court goes, no determination as to who is right and who is wrong has been made, and it appears there never will be, as both parties have come to an agreement to settle the matter for $3,500,000 (definitely not an insignificant chunk of change). The process of getting a claim filed can be initiated online by going to the Titanium …read more

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